Three Strands EP Release Show

Three Strands

Ages 21+
21+ _ Tickets: $10 _ 8:00p

Three Strands

Three Strands is a folk/Americana project that was started by Lancaster, PA, based singer/songwriter, Sean Cox, in the winter of 2016. After a five year period fronting the Philadelphia, PA, based folk/rock quintet, The Band of Rivals, Sean began working on a small collection of the more narrative, delicate songs that would bring Three Strands to fruition. After completing a successful kickstarter campaign in April of this year, Sean is currently finishing a Sophmore EP set for release in autumn of 2019.Through honest and simplistic arrangements and strong influences from the American folk revival, as well as, early gospel and blues traditions, Three Strands exists to dredge those deep waters in search for the strands that unite us all

Tim Weaver

Everything Tim Weaver does is about moments.

Moments feel like little eternities. Whether in art or in life, we are caught in the terrific silence of those potent spaces. They are guitar hooks, potholes, engagement rings, diagnoses and punchlines. These little tears in time are what drive Tim in his creativity. Why does he focus on moments? Because moments are pearls on a strand, collected and strung together to tell a story. Stories are, arguably, the things that keep humans together the most. Movies, books, myths, religion all have a story that mankind revolves around to create meaning. Stories are the centrifugal force that keep us grounded. The moments Tim communicates in his music show that every person is submerged in a narrative and they are the hero.

Whether it’s writing a hook or mixing a song, his greatest success is found in creating a transcendent moment that the artist and the audience feel and remember that they are here and alive.

Venue Information:
Tellus360 - An Sibin
24 East King St
Lancaster, PA, 17602