The Company Stores//MauveStröm

The Company Stores//MauveStröm

Ages 21+
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The Company Store

The Company Stores are a folk fusion band from Charleston, WV, that smoothly blends elements of many genres of southern music. They pull inspiration from styles such as Delta blues, Appalachian folk, gospel, jazz, and other Americana music, then layer in their own modern styles and rhythms. Vocalist Casey Litz's sultry and soulful voice captivates the audience, while the band lays down bluesy grooves between dynamic builds.

The name "The Company Stores" is a throwback to the old coal mines of West Virginia. It refers to system set up by coal companies during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where they paid the miners in "script" or "coal money" that was only good at the "company store". This form of indentured servitude kept miners and their families in bondage to the coal companies, and was a classic case of the rich and powerful exploiting the poor. This name not only shows the bands heritage, but also the gritty feel of their music and the meaning behind many of their songs about the struggles of the common man.


MauveStröm breathes new life into classic rock favorites, utilizing three powerful vocalists (Michaela Burns, Colin DiLucido, Elaina Hatton), dueling screaming guitars (Nathan Kraus, Lauren Hill), hefty driving bass (Luke Leonard), and moving rhythm section (Steve Sammartino, Barry Gray)

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Venue Information:
Tellus360 - Tigh Mhary
24 East King St
Lancaster, PA, 17602