POSTPONED: Stonewall Vessels w 25th Hour & The Scouts

The Stonewall Vessels

Ages 21+
21+ _ 08/07 _ The Temple _ $10-$12

The Stonewall Vessels

The band’s performance was one of the most memorable of not only the festival, but perhaps that I’ve ever witnessed. No, that’s not just because I and a whole bunch of other maniacs got to join the band onstage and jump around. That certainly added to how cool that night was, but what hooked me and so many others in the first place is the band’s unique sound, which is notoriously hard to pin into a particular genre."

- Gerard Longo, Lehigh Valley Underground

"The Stonewall Vessels are impossible categorize into one single genre or, really, even a certain set of genres. As musicians they are influenced by a wide variety of styles and even many things outside of a strictly musical realm. “So who are we to just try to fit into one thing,” they ask, “when we like so many different kinds of things?” For each member it has always been about coming together, brining all they can to the table, and “let[ing] it come out the way it’s meant to be.” This effort without a specific goal leads to universality.”

- Scott Fugger, 36 Vultures

Venue Information:
Tellus360 - The Temple
24 East King St
Lancaster, PA, 17602