One Too Many @ Tellus 360 Rooftop

One Too Many @ Tellus 360 Rooftop

Ages 21+
All Ages_ FREE _ 6PM

One Too Many is a local band made up of ten total members. Their rather large performer count is what led to their name. Having the amount of people they do in a band leads to a rather diverse taste in music, which helps us to cover a range of songs across multiple genres including pop, rock, funk, blues, and much more! Luckily this mindset of playing anything and everything has even crept into their original music, giving us a very unique sound even between our own songs. Their large performer count also helps them to cover a variety of instruments such as keyboards, guitars, brass, lots of vocals, and more. Each of the members can switch between the different instruments with ease and will often do it between songs. They say themselves "We just love playing music for other people, and we hope they enjoy hearing us!

You can catch One Too Many every Saturday on our Rooftop from 6-9. Saturday nights never sounded so good.

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You can check out the bands music on Youtube via the link below:

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Venue Information:
Tellus360 - Tigh Mhary
24 East King St
Lancaster, PA, 17602