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Nearly York

Ages 21+
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Nearly York is an Alternative/ Pop band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Its members include Lucas Gienow (Vocals, Keys, Guitar), Bradley Hartman (Guitar, Bass), Jonathan Poorman (Guitar, Bass) and Christopher Mundy (Drums/Percussion).

The band originally contained just two members, Gienow and Hartman. Band-less, the two set out to record a demo album at The Sugar Tank, a local recording studio where Gienow was employed as studio manager and staff engineer. As recording progressed, the two began the search for additional band members. What they had expected to be a long, harrowing process ended up producing the remainder of the band almost too easily.

Gienow invited a fellow bartender - Mundy - while Hartman invited a colleague from work at Clair Global - Poorman - and the band was born. In just two auditions, Gienow and Hartman had found their two missing band members. Mundy and Poorman were a perfect fit for the band, both musically and personally.

How did the band get its name? Well, that wasn’t nearly as easy as finding members, but that’s a story for another time.



Andy is the front man of the Lancaster locals Hiding Scarlet band.

Venue Information:
Tellus360 - Tigh Mhary
24 East King St
Lancaster, PA, 17602