Mephiskapheles // Brom Bones // The Main Street Sweep


Ages 21+
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Mephiskapheles are back in red and black. The band who invented the devilish, whimsical MTV- and radio-friendly genre of Satanic Ska, then defied critics by exploring even greater possibilities for their darkly original ska fusion, have reunited, with a new tour and new album in the works.

Formed in the East Village of New York City in early 1991 by a group of artists, ad-agency employees, and jazz musicians, Mephiskapheles played their first show on Long Island, and from day one began attracting a diverse, dedicated fan base.

Flash-forward to today; and with Satanic Ska being, without a doubt, the genre of music most relevant to our current times. Mephiskapheles are picking up where they left off, with a reissue program with Jump Up Records, a focused performance schedule, and a new Mephiskapheles album in the works.

Brom Bones

Started in 1989 as Sean Wolfe, Casey Wolfe, Matt Rice, Chris Ries, and Jason Berlet in the Wolfe's garage. We released 2 albums on cassette tape that we made copies of ourselves on blank tapes, photo copied inserts, and sold to local record stores. (We had a few independent stores at the time.) The first one was called "Fall from the Monkey Bars". The second was called "RAKU". They both sold pretty well and we established a nice local following and some label attention.

After 1991, most of us were out of Highschool. Sean moved to art school in Philly. That was the end for him. He's now singing for a great band called The Stiletto Boys. (Zodiac Records) Soon after Sean was out, Casey left. For the next few years, we brought in Greg Collins on drums. He was going to Millersville college at the time. We were in the college radio station fooling around on Paul Dengal's (mother box records) show and put out a on air request for any interested drummers. Greg called in. We met him a few days later. It worked.

After Greg graduated and moved home, Casey came back into the band and we recorded a 6 song CD called "cope". After this stage it got a bit touch and go. Casey was out again. We brought in a good friend Dustin on drums and recorded the "apart" album and "39" in 2012.

The Main Street Sweep

Formed in 2013 with a dream of blending genres The Main Street Sweep has melded together sounds of ska, rockabilly, punk, lounge, and swing. The songs give you that feeling where you just wanna just go! Fast tempos, loud horns, sultry vocals are what give The Main Street Sweep its distinct sound. With one full length album and a 4 song EP, the band continues to be inspired and write new music. Keep your ears to the ground and your feet on the dance floor cause the music will play.

Venue Information:
Tellus360 - The Temple
24 East King St
Lancaster, PA, 17602