Happy Hour in the Lounge w/ Sean Farley

Happy Hour in the Lounge w/ Sean Farley

Ages 21+
All Welcome__ Free _ 6.00p

Tough week at work? Been waiting for the weekend since Monday? Join us in Tigh Caleb (The Lounge) every Friday for the Fall & Winter for some fantastic music From 6-8.30. While you're here you could possibly unwind with a whiskey from our selection of over 250...just saying. Friday Happy Hour, we've got you covered.

Sean Farley

We had Sean with us in 2014 and we are delighted to welcome him back.

As far as guitars go, I play them, I make them, and I fix them when you break them. I have been singing and playing instruments since I was a small child. It's always been my forte and passion. Guitar has always been the most comfortable, although I walk around all day tapping and drumming on every surface within reach. I basically have a non stop music maker in my head that I have never been able to turn off. My influences are vast and varying from all types of music. I supposed I have slightly pigeon-holed myself as a blues player but I'm hoping to broaden that perception. As an electric guitar player I do love to play blues and show off my lead guitar skills, but on the acoustic I tend to approach music differently. I was strongly influence by the sounds and vibes of the southwest while earning my Luthier's Certificate in Phoenix, AZ. I definitely picked up a little twang from my adventures in the desert. I felt more like an americana/folk/country/rock kind of guy then. However I never go too country, and always maintain my love for blues and soul music. I'll just do my best to satisfy all genres that I can relate to and tap my feet to.

Venue Information:
Tellus360 - Tigh Caleb
24 East King St
Lancaster, PA, 17602