Drumadics Beat-N-Brass Band // One Too Many


one too many

Ages 21+
21+_ $5 _ 8PM

Drumadics Beat-N-Brass Band

Where else can you travel the world in a single set? Hear original, authentic music, and the most popular covers of Kanye West, Aaliyah, Curtis Mayfield, Michael Jackson, and more? At a Drumadics show! If you haven’t witnessed Drumadics, allow this to be your official introduction…

Driven by the raw power of the bucket drum and a strong emphasis on the down beat, Drumadics clever fusion of woodwind, stirring brass, and unorthodox drum styles delivers a unique and distinct sound. With Hip-Hop, Funk, Latin and Pop highlights, this World-Beat/Jam Band dances at the musical crossroads of American and Industrial music. Drumadics has travelled internationally performing at top entertainment venues and music festivals in Mexico City; Austin; Nashville; New Orleans; Boston, New Jersey, and New York. Drumadics performs regularly at top NYC venues, including B.B. Kings, The HighLine Ballroom, Webster Hall, Hammerstein Ballroom, The Knitting Factory, Terminal 5, Lincoln Center, and more. They have performed for the New York Knicks, the U.S. Open, SuperBowl 48 and Cirque du Soleil, and have opened for such artists as Eve, Raphael Saadiq, Wyclef Jean, Lenny Kravitz and Janelle Monáe. Drumadics can still be seen performing in and around New York City clubs, streets and subways. Come witness this musical explosion of culture and rhythm, as they unite in symphony to define the sound that is indeed… New York!

One Too Many

One Too Many is a local band made up of ten total members. Their rather large performer count is what led to their name. Having the amount of people they do in a band leads to a rather diverse taste in music, which helps us to cover a range of songs across multiple genres including pop, rock, funk, blues, and much more! Luckily this mindset of playing anything and everything has even crept into their original music, giving us a very unique sound even between our own songs. Their large performer count also helps them to cover a variety of instruments such as keyboards, guitars, brass, lots of vocals, and more. Each of the members can switch between the different instruments with ease and will often do it between songs. They say themselves "We just love playing music for other people, and we hope they enjoy hearing us!

Venue Information:
Tellus360 - Tigh Mhary
24 East King St
Lancaster, PA, 17602