Celtic Christmas w/ The Ogham Stones

The Ogham Stones

Ages 21+
21+ _ $10 Cover _ 8P

Hear ye, Hear ye: We are festively delighted to announce that Celtic Christmas will take place once again in Lancaster's favorite speakeasy An Sibin. Please join us for an intimate night of Celtic tunes provided by The Ogham Stones


The Ogham Stones formed in 2010 when a cantankerous bartender, flustered at his beloved city's lack of a great Celtic band, approached a piper he knew from playing out in the bars (and a certain wedding) and asked her if she wanted to kick it, band-style...thankfully, she said yes.

(By the way, ask Amanda what her favorite thing to have yelled at her while she's piping!)

Next, they needed a fiddler...there was only one choice...our Curly Lass agreed and we were off to the races.

(For those concerned, yes -- we have insured Mollie's hair with Lloyd's Of London...no worries.)

You can't have just a mandolin player...you just can't...you have to make sure that he can also play banjo and will stand in on guitar from time to time...welcome, Moose!

(Try to make him smile while we're on stage...we can't. But, when the tongue is out, you know we're rockin' hard!)

When you know you're going to be playing Celtic Rock and Punk, you gotta have a driving bass player...Neal's bass has been the foundation of many a Lancky band and we enticed him to get it on with us and he's been the Blarney Stone we've been kissing ever since.

(Evidently, you have to lean forward on that basketball, right?)

For guitar, we were spoon-fed James by an Ogham Emeritus...the Berklee School Of Music didn't want to let him go, but we plied him with beer, wings, and cartoon references.

(Always, always, always keep handwarmers in your case when you're in a band that just might play outside on St Patrick's Day!)

Our drummer came to us as a late addition...Shawn's love of Irish music and his jack-hammering percussion rounded us out neatly.

(Ignore the rumors that he got the job because of his trip to Ireland with the lead singer in the '80s...that was only part of it.)

Mix these folks up with the kilted guy with the growly voice and you've got yourself an Irish band, My Friend!

(Ladies, when you throw those panties on stage, please wrap them around a Guinness, will ya?!?)

All in all, we're just a bunch of fun-lovin', hard-drinkin' lovers of Irish and Celtic music...we're going to inspire you to have a good time...hopefully, you'll sing along and dance...and, if you're not careful, you just might learn something...Slainte!

Amanda -- bagpipes, tin whistle, accordion, vocals

Mollie -- violin, vocals

Matt -- mandolin, banjo, electric guitar

James -- acoustic and electric guitar

Neal -- bass

Shawn -- drums, vocals

Flavor -- vocals, bodhran, vibraslap

Check out the band via the link below:


Venue Information:
Tellus360 - An Sibin
24 East King St
Lancaster, PA, 17602