Three's Company 360 Holiday

Three's Company 360 Holiday

Three's Company
Ages 21+
21+ _ $5 Cover _ start time

3’s Co. is: Gregg Nyce and Evolution on the turntables and VJCA on video projections

Home base: Reading and York, PA

Equipment: Two Technic 1200s, two Vestax PDX-3000 Turntables, two Rane Sixty Four Mixers, two MacBook Pros, one HP Pavillion, Full QSC Sound, four LCD Video Projectors, two road ready LCD flat panels, APC 40 Midi Controller, wireless cameras and a boatload of buttons, knobs, cords, cables and plugs to make it all work.

The sound: 3's Co. isn't a single sensory experience. It's all about Synesthesia. The "sound" has a "look" and the look a sound. This is an audio visual dance party, something to stimulate all the senses. Nyce and Evolution cater to the ears as they seamlessly blend "good" music with no regard to genre, while VJCA provides a visual layer projected larger than life.

The inspiration: Inspiration comes in so many forms and flavors. Sometimes it's as simple as a sunrise or a song on the radio, and sometimes it's a stupid television commercial that triggers the light bulb. Here's a list of 10 things we three find inspirational: art, culture, daffodils, turntablism, craft brew, international economics, the human condition, Silly Putty, sight, sound and sex. (Sorry, that's 11, but we had to get the last one in there.)

Where we've been: We've all been honing our respective crafts individually for nearly two decades, but our first 3's Co. gig was at The Brass Lantern in 2009. The party quickly grew into a monthly destination at The Brass, Building 24, Liberty Tap Room and Trooper Thorn's. We continue to work independently, but we find the greatest reward in this collaboration.

Our little secret: The secret is this: There are no secrets. We always strive for new and progressive styles while keeping the roots of our crafts intact. We love nothing more than connecting with our crowds and collaborating with local talent such as Plus Vibes Lighting, iHart Designs, Timmy Becker Photography and internationally recognized poster artists T-Bone & Aljaxx, just to mention a few.

Venue Information:
Tellus360 - Tigh Mhary
24 East King St
Lancaster, PA, 17602